Saturday, 21 February 2009

Dragon Ball : Evolution

Its just a a couple weeks away & "I" the writer is a bit pumped but not that excited
about the movie. We are gonna get to see it before the Americans. Maybe the
production stuff wanted to show they humble apologizes for wrecking the movie,
who know. Info about the 2nd Dragon Ball movie is already in motion. "I" the writer
will be wearing his Orange Kame T-shirt at the screening. YEAH! DRAGON BALL!

"I" the writer cant wait to see the outcome of this film. DAMN!

New scans from this months Shonen Jump.

Heres Piccolo!

Awwww....Gokou & Cici are on a date...

Sh++! I wanted to bang a hot slutty Chinese girl! Now I, Lord Piccolo
will have my vengeance on you Son Gokou!

Maybe the game will be better then the movie, with its recycled
Dragon Ball : Another Road moves.

Origins TV spot - Legends
Cyclops relieved!

Transformers 2
Official Poster

OK! so now its relieved! The big wheel that chasing Prime is Demolishor. Who
would have thought he would lead the Constructicons into battle. The transformation
is sure
crazy huh! "I" the writer am definitely getting this.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

"Im trap! Let me out!!"

"Suck my toe servant"

Looks like someone's knunchucks is standing...


No wonder Daredevil changed his costume to red...

quote of the day!
It looks like they only want me, and that's exactly who they'll get.
-Dragon Ball Z- Son Gokou

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