Monday, 16 February 2009

Flirt when your in a relationship, wrong?

Or is it so right? Well "gunblade99" & his jolly bunch of guys had a "Bachelor's Valentine
Night" on Valentine's Eve at 1 of the club. It was a special night where the club had
food, performances, magic shows & the best of all pole dancing!

They entered at the best time of all, while the pole dancers were doing their thing!
The anime freak, gunblade99 has never experience such an event. His eyes open as
wide as a kid who saw a new bicycle on his front lawn.

The night was filled with laughter & fun but what bothered this little nerd was, when he
saw his "not so single" friends begin to flirt with the waitress & other girls at the club.
Their hands being like octopus began to rub & hold the flirt'ies in certain places. Being
as innocent as he is, he began to ask his friend...

gunblade99 - You have a girlfriend but why wanna go for other girls?
The Flirt'er - My girlfriend not here, so what she don't see, won't hurt.
gunbade99 - Oh! so how if your girl do the same thing?
The Flirt'er - I will kill her!

Our dear gunblade99 was so confused by hearing these words, maybe being in a
relationship is not as important as what it used to be. Maybe in the modern world,
it has lost its true meaning. Relationship is just about securing a life partner while
having fun with other on the sidelines or even using that relationship as a reason
to pleasure yourself? who knows what the word "being in a relationship" has
evolved into.

No wonder if your married for 10 years in the world today, people will give you a
standing ovation but in the olden days people will say "only 10 years!?".

Just some thoughts that ponder my mind....hmmmm.....Here are today's
update folks!

9 Trailer

Our dear Tim is back & looking pretty damn good!

Origins - Outcasts
DAMN! Why must the title be so long? X-Men Origins: Wolverine?
why can't they make it like the comic & just call it Origins. It sounds
more interesting.

Blood - The Last Vampire Live!
At last! a live anime worthy! so far at least...


Figures from the new Iron-Man Animated series.

Now "we" know what's that "BIG" 1 wheeled figure looks like.

"I" the writer wants this!

Ironhide looks kinda pale....


War-Machine is hiding the Matrix of Leadership. DAMN!

Wolverine is everywhere these days huh....

Now serving number 002...

Looks like someone is into "Metal"!

WOW! Photoshop can sure do wonders.

I guess Devastator has gained some weight over the ages huh...

"I" the writer guess that most of the new Autobots in TF2 are made retarded...

"I" the writer knows what the "comic book" guy must be thinking.

FIGMA bring out the gayness in you

OH! your coming home with me baby!

Wolverine through the ages...

quote of the day!
No matter what anybody tells you, words & ideas can change the world.
-Dead Poets Society- Keating

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