Wednesday, 18 February 2009

God Of War 3

God Of War 3 Trailer
Kratos is back for more carnage! In this so called final chapter of revenge, he is
on Gaia's back, scaling Mount Olympus to take down the gods of Olympus once and
for all. It has been stated that God of War III will finally begin the war that Kratos has
started with all of Olympus.

Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen
New character intro -
Deception Sideways

Here are several images of key chains shown during Toy Fair 2009, silhouette
views of Optimus Prime & a "New Figure" (*ahem* Megatron *ahem*).
"I" the
writer knows that Megatron isn't dead. How can the main villain die right? He will
be back in Transformers 3 know as Galvatron. "I" the writer is sure on that. As for
Prime, he looks like he fused with Jetfire don't you think?

coming to a store near you!

Comic versions are the best!

Come on baby!


Screw the figures! Better stuff comes in small sizes!

Every child's dream come true.

I'm not crazy.....just mentally challenged...

When these girls fly, "I" the writer wonders if they noticed all the guys are
wan+ing below them?

The million doller smile to die for

Japan takes DC!

Awww, he must have had such beautiful parents...

The best couple in comic history!

"Can you watch the door while I change?"

quote of the day!
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-Yes Man- Carl Allen

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