Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Japan takes Revenge!

"The U.S takes our products & make it theirs! Their movie-remakes suck!
Now its our turn. It's our time to make them suffer or even do it better!
Behold fellow Americans! X-Men Misfits in beauty style, we are gonna
make you characters beautiful even for an old guy. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Whoa the Japanese are sure pissed, well here are their version of the X-Men.
it will come to past? or an animated series or a live action movie?

& a bonus! Japanese X-Men - Alternate Opening


so when are you coming in my life dear Yoko?

What are they thinking?

quote of the day!
Everything is a motive. SICKNESS is a motive.
-The Fallen- Jonesy

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