Saturday, 14 February 2009

Extended Revenge Of The Fallen Teaser

The trailer filmed from the audience shows us Bumblebee rolling scene and shooting from
the TV news post. There is another unknown Transformers figure shown in the dessert.
There is some extra footage of the Constructicon. We get a view of the Dececpticon
Scorponok. We see they are Protoforms touching down on the on aircraft carrier and
other places.



Dammit! When is Figma Yoko coming out?

Your positivity coming home with me Lily Muahahahhaha!


Till all are 1!

BDSM? Not for me lady!

What if they strip for me in real life....Life's so unfair....

quote of the day!
Some people, were born to sit by a river. Some get struck by lightning. Some have
an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim. Some know buttons. Some know
Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people, dance.

-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- Benjamin Button

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