Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Nerd & 2 Hotties

Yup believe it folks! It's like the nerd hit the jackpot or something. Jeremy
"the all so short nerdy"
Pinto had a freelance assignment to do with Ms."ohsohot"
(by her nick you can already figure how hot she is) that had to be completed the
next day & knowing how certain "designers" like to push things to the last minute,
the duo meet up & did their so called research in a WIFI place, 1Utama!.

After picking up the shorty at her resident bus stop, the 2 designers & ohsohot's
sis went rushing to do some multitasking at 1U, a place that has WIFI, to put your
butt down, has a power point & to grab a bite. Where might the trio find such an
unusual place? The nerd of course has only been to 1U twice in his life, Loser! After
walking about & doing some price searching. They found the right spot, Burger King!
But on the way there, the little boy noticed that he was being watched or rather all
eyes were on his 2 lovely hot mates. The Hobbit has never felt like this way before.
With sexy outfits on, the 2 sisters looked like models beside this "weird short looking boy"
(Lucky fu++ing b+++ad!)

Believe me when "I" the writer says that they were looking as hot as a nova explosion!
It was like these people haven't seen hot girls with a "Transformer T-shirt" wearing boy
before? 1 couple even pointed at the nerd & whisper something. "I" the writer am sure
that the whisper was something "shocking" or "unpleasant" about the nerd.

Even after doing the so called "research" which lasted a few minutes, the gang decided
to head back home. The 2 designers had work to be done or so it seems...

Heads & eyes continue to twist even as they were heading to the car park. The lucky
b++ch even held his head up high as even girls were
him with 2 models. WOW!
When will the world stop being cruel to me & set me up with some hot chicks like that?
so says "I" the "unfortunate" writer. Here are the 2 hotties folks. Why the nerd?! Why!

Maybe to some of you, they might not be as hot as you think but in 1U heads twisted
as Jeremy "the shorty" walked along side them. DAMMIT! or were they looking at how
hot the nerd was? Hmm...

What If?

Adam was a fag?



Sure brings back memories...

Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends!

Me Logan Angry!

Doesn't this take you way back? Oldies are back it style!

quote of the day!
Your life is defined by its opportunities... even the ones you miss.
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- Benjamin Button

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