Monday, 21 June 2010

Ways to give him your number

Gals! Chicks! Young-woman! Aunties! If your figuring out, "how in the blue hell am
I gonna give him my number?"
Boggle your mind no more for, "I" the writer has some
unique ways! Check out the clips below, so says "I" the writer.

The chili trick:.
Workin' in the restaurant all day?, without a that dream guy in your life? Here's a cheap
chili trick to hype up his senses for you.

The lost Phone trick:.
Searchin' for that "big brain" geek in the library? No problem! Show off your shape
& your number.

The mist trick:.
Drivin' with your top down? Here's yet another way to give him your number...
Warning! Dont do this in a traffic jam!

The club trick:.
Shy to speak into his ear in a noisy club? Why not do this? "I" wonder if this would
actually work?


Kelvin said...

How i wish they use there on me XD

Kelvin said...