Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Don’t Mess With This Guy

Ip Man runs away with fear, Bruce Lee peeps in his panties after witnessing
his fights, Van Damme cuts his apples for this guy & Jackie Chan calls him Master!
Just who in the blue hell is this guy?

He is a Indian actor! Performing acts that are physically impossible & ankles kicks
that will leave you soaring through the air. Plus! He has "clock up" moves.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

Lookie who's back, its that pale looking drug addict with dirty hair!


Julya said...

You don't use words like 'drug addict' to refer to some one skinny - it's politically incorrect, insensitive and ignorant. And the correct term is 'drug user' - just to remind you.

"I" the writer said...

Yes, Ms. Ju....(bows head down)

Kelvin said...

Lol, the indian superman who can't even raise his legs above his waist XD

"I" the writer said...

& Food is his "Kyiptronite" ;)