Saturday, 12 June 2010

My naive'ness of Facebook

Oh my! They really do that on Facebook!? DAMMN! Yes! "I" the "naive" writer has
just found out that random people send messages to the opposite sex lookin' for a
relationship. This all started off as "I" was having a decent chat with me cousin, &
she told me that "unknown" guys send her messages asking her if she had a bf AKA
boyfriend. Thus, adding her, trying to chat her up. DAMMIT! Stinky raging hormones!

She bein' 15 continued to explained that, its normal to receive these kinda messages
from unknown guys, as many of her friends get these kinda "lovey, wanna-be friends"
messages. DAMMN! She said, "you dont have a gf AKA girlfriend right? Why dont you
try?" Then laughs her head off! & there "I" though of Facebook as a place for finding
the pals you lost in time...

"I" am that freaking naive as "I" now realize, "No wonder some of me mate's friends
reached over 500 & most of them are chicks".

As "I" continue to investigate, "I" found that, its freaking true! My friend told that he
meet a couple of chicks on Facebook, just for a "fling" But "I" said "Dont you have a
He said "Normal what!!, we all are not so innocent like you"

My nieve'ness has made me look like a dumb-ass, sigh...

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Vicky 刘宁 said...

I want this!!!! How can i buy it from you?? seriously

"I" the writer said...

That is "Portrait.Of.Pirates dress "STRONGEDITION" Tony Tony chopper Ver.2" You can try when its out or if you have a credit card ;)

Kelvin said...

Some ppl create facebook and look for girls in their region in hope of having sex...and they wanted free somemore lol

"I" the writer said...

...sigh..."I" didnt know Facebook was that missed used...