Sunday, 6 June 2010

"Form Designer" Table Cleaner!

Operations day, happens twice a year, 6 months once, a day where those in
Sakae Sushi's HQ would have to sink as low as getting dirty in the kitchen. Its
a written rule for Sakae Sushi "office" people. It doesn't matter if your a manager!
Or the "freaking" admin, or even a managing director! All will have to participate,
no matter the cost.

Like Dragon Balls, we were spited-up into different locations & was assigned to do
different task in the outlet given. As "I" am the only "dark colored skin person" in
the office "I" was all alone, left for dead, left for the pack of wolfs to tear me from
limb to limb, the zombies to eat my brains!
(over exaggerating!)Being my 1st time
over , "I" thought that "they" would be gentle with me, but! "I" was "dead hell" wrong!

It was a breeze during the 1st hour but when lunch time came about, hungry humans
began to infest Sakae's "delicious" outlet. The swarm rushed in & orders had to be made,
drinks had to be topped up, customers demanded for an explanation on late food. "I" was
running about like a mad headless cow, cleaning up tables for the next homosapien in line.
Some we friendly & some were not at their jolly state. Who knows, maybe the statement,
"a hungry man, is an angry man" might be kinda true, but! DUDE! are you really that hungry?
Till you gotta show a frond as long as the Mississippi river? Remember, patience is a virtue bub'.

Cleaning & serving had to be carried out in a "rule book" manner. The placement of the menu,
the order of the tissues had to be placed & Sakae's saucers had to be topped up. Guess what
the motto is? Yeah! "The customer is always right!" Yeah! "I" know! Same as U.S.A! What
a shocker!

As "I" felt alone, the staff, comforted me with their warm smiles, helping hands, & their random
jokes. It felt like a family. A place where we work hard & play hard. Team work played as their
main source of power, no one is left out! As each of us passed by each other, giving out a
& teasing smile was given on our busiest hour, that smile meant "relax, stay calm &
be happy"
. Thank you was always in motion when "I" help out carry a heavy tray of plates or
be the 1st
on the scene, guess they didn't think that a "office" staff would be this helpful.

The joy of being part of this family was inexpressible, it was as if "I" was in KLP or AMSPA,
where no one is left out & we all stand together as 1. 1 of the staff there even said "leave
marketing & join us la".

6PM, you hear that roar? Yep! That's the roar of the 2nd wave, maybe a tsunami? Hungry,
hungry people are on their way. 3,2,1 GO! The swarm are back for dinner time, the cries
babies THX'ed the outlet, cute looking babes we in da house! It must be that "time of
customers were back. This rush hour was as crazy as a hoard of peeps in the club!

Some were nice enough to say "thank you" & some were giving me a look, "I'm gonna cut
you & eat your mum" look. "I" always say thank you, why? Cause its manners folks. Why
is it so hard for a person to thank someone? Is it cause he is a waiter for Myanmar? or
a cleaner that looks dirty? Dude! A person is a person, no matter how small! Yes! It is
their job, to clean up after you but have the heart to thank them, they are cleaning
up your pigsty mess!

9PM, things slow down for a bit, time to lay back & have a decent joke with 1 another. "I"
would say, my overall experience was enjoyable. My 1st time working in a outlet was memorable.
Made friends "I" will not forget, learned a bit more on human behavior, saw stuff that was to be
kept secret & wouldn't mind coming back in the next 6 months. Nuff Said!

PLUS! Adidas Originals - Star Wars™ Cantina 2010
A Super Star Cast!


Kelvin said...

I applied for a cook in Sakae sushi before...but was not sucessful haha XD

They want me to go serve customers~

"I" the writer said...

Oh so ur a cook huh ;)

zulfadhli said...

Go, go "I" the cleaner!