Sunday, 13 June 2010

Anti-Rape Condom

Beware rapist everywhere! For there's a new sheriff in town. This device was created
by Sonnet Ehlers, a victim of rape in South African woman. She was hospitalized, thus
being a medical researcher, she thought "If only I had teeth down there" & presto! The
Rape-aXe was born!

This fits inside a woman’s vagina & ensnares any wayward penises with rows of sharp
little barbed teeth, *cough
Teeth *cough! Here's how this ingenious device looks.

This "cock-killer" device takes the form of a condom-like device worn inside the vagina,
but with the addition of rows of razor sharp plastic teeth, pointed backward to allow
entry but then to snare the penis on withdrawal.

Thus an assailant withdrawing will find the sheath attached to his penis by scores of
these little barbs, and is unlikely to be able to remove it without medical attention, it is
said. A trip to the hospital would then allow him to be pinpointed as a likely rapist. Its a
freaking stroke of genius.

Here's to further explain, Dr.Youtube:.

& a happy girl had this to say:.

"What people need is this condom. When men hear about this, they will
be scared. They won’t know who has protected herself and who not.

Women try to fight, to save themselves, but you can’t fight men. You
don’t know when they’re going to rape you, you can’t walk with a weapon.
It comes abruptly… It’s done in darkness."

The good, this device will likely bring down the percentage of rape among woman &
children. The last "I" heard is a 2 month old baby was raped! What the fuck?! In Malaysia,
they should give this out free to all the females & in all sizes, from S to XXL!

The bad, some psycho females might ill treat this devise...

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility so says Stan "The Man" Lee.
The only thing the rapist will be tearing up is this!