Thursday, 3 June 2010

I wanna watch Toy "freaking" Story 3

If you been livin' under your mama's dress or your head in the trash can, you would
know that Toy Story is 1 of the most successful animation feature of all time. The
1st "smooth" 3D rendering of its time that freaking awesome!

After a 11 year absence, Andy's toys are back & with new friends? Or are
they foes?
The toy that "I" am lookin' forward to is, BIG BABY!

Just look at it, tattoos! On a freakin' "used to be girl's toy". Its so freaking awesome!
Who would dare mess with this baby? He looks like he can knock you so hard with his
bottle that, your "future" grand-kids would feel the pain. If this was in stores, "I" would
freakin' buy it to be displayed beside me AVP figures.

My 2nd choice would be everyone's
favorite, Peas-in-a-pod.

Why!? Why!? You ask? Cause "I" am a sucker for cute figures! This is the whole
truth & nothin' but the truth, so says "I" the writer. They look like babies in a pod!
It's like "I" can play "boo-boo-chiak" with them & pinch their triplet cheeks!

P.S:. This is my 1st contest entry in Nuff so please bear with me...


ohmywtf said...

i wanna see KEN! :-)

Kelvin said...

Peas a boo is so cute^^

"I" the writer said...

ohmywtf:. comment :)
Kel:. Cute as a baby chick ;)