Thursday, 22 October 2009

PSP2 in '10?

Ever since Sony’s new PSP Go, an Internet based PSP that's was designed to cut
out traditional retailers, has freakin' experienced dry sales in several territories!
"They" the retailers only manage to sell 1,000 units in its 1st week in Australia.
Plus! even a silent rumor of a PSP2 in '10 are starting to run wild.

Only 50,000 units were made available in France & retailers only managed to
sell 8,000. This was successful.... well compared to its Australian performance
of course. The console has sold only freaking 1,000 units in its 1st week of its
release. The major retailers are refusing to even stock the "hated" of the product.

In another universe of news, Sony’s is planing to heavily upgraded PSP2 with graphics
capabilities “on par with desktop PCs,” DAMN! This is supposedly due for release in '10...
Hope that "they the Sony" people promise to deliver it with a "nice" price...

PLUS! What If?

East Vs. West? The strongest Saiyan-jin Vs. The Man of Steel?
Who will come out victorious?

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

"I" soooooooooo freakin' want this!

Confirmed Mark 4 armor!

Go Johnny GO!

Oohh! Leader Class....Amazing!

quote of the day!
You're obedient, Russo. I like that in a love slave.
-Vice Girls- Jan Cooper

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