Monday, 5 October 2009

Dragon Ball Raging Blast: Beam Struggles & Special Moves!

Cant freakin' wait for this game to come out! DAMN! All "I" have to do is get a PS3
then "I" the freaking writer has a complete circle of happiness. The trailers & previews
are killing me! Common Final Fantasy Special Edition!
Here's a peek at new stuff
from this latest Dragon Ball game.

PLUS! A cam-view of the new trailer

BONUS! Dragon Ball Z W Bakuretsu IMPACT
How "I" wish "they" the game creator peeps upgrade the current Budokai Series into
this! Instead of wasting they energy to create last year's trash! The dual character
combos are the best!

This shows how much of a Dragon Ball FREAK "I" am! NUFF SAID!

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