Sunday, 11 October 2009

Marge Simpson strips for Playboy!

This ain't no hoax, this is real! This unforeseen blued haired mama graces the cover
of November's issue of Playboy magazine plus! including a supposed full nude! DAMN!
This is the 1st freaking time that a 2D character has appeared on the cover. "I" the
writer smells a U.S version of a "Hentai" magazine coming up...

Why? "you" the reader may ask, this effort is to appeal more younger readers (younger
readers? How young is young?) During a survey, it reads that an average age of a Playboy
reader being 35. Those from the "getting laid" is not too easy to get period "I" guess. The
show celebrates its 20th anniversary, with Playboy owner Hugh freakin' Hefner himself
having appeared on the show & said to be a great! fan of the Simpson series.

Playboy also promises a story inside called "The Devil in Marge Simpson". WOW!
"I" the freaking writer guess that Bart wont be lookin' at Homer's Playboy's next
month huh.

quote of the day!

I haven't cried like that since Titanic!
-Zombieland- Tallahassee


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Tony Wan said...


"I" the writer said...

WTF indeed

Dylan Phuah said...

Simpsons aint really a children cartoon or is it?

"I" the writer said...

Its like a Disney cartoon, both for the young & the old...that's why is so freakingly popular! Its already on their 22nd season "I" think.