Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Hollywood Rapes King of Fighters

After the destruction of Dragon Ball, Hollywood's hunger to devour everything good
from Japan's beloved characters continue without any signs of stopping! As the movie
industry in U.S continues to grow, so does its ideas for conquest!

This "Unicron" will take over/re-writer everything that comes to mind just for a fun of it,
its latest destination? SNK's King of Fighters! Check out the picture below. The cast for
Mature, Rugal & Vice, DAMN! How the creators of K.O.F must be moaning in pain after
they see what "they" the Hollywood people did to all their hard work.

Well as the saying goes, don't judge the movie by the trailer...

Will this even make it to the Silver Screen? Or straight to DVD? At least this movie
features Maggie Q...DAMN! She sure has aged...

quote of the day!
God didn't do this. We did!
-I Am Legend- Neville


Kelvin said...

Is the the HK actress Bernice liu?

nesca said...

looking forward for it but hope the movie will follow closely on KOF real story line

Anonymous said...

yeah... thats the HK actress.

"I" the writer said...

YO! Peepes! A HK Drama actress is in! this KOF feature plus! "I" also hope that "they" the hollywood people dont screw this concept up too much.