Monday, 6 December 2010

Spawn Animated Revived

If you remember back in the early 90's, a very successful yet controversial
Todd McFarlane’s Spawn animated series was aired. The series won 2 Emmy
"freaking" awards with a shit-load of violence, gore, language & sex!

This time around MTV broadcast will continue to feature the Spawn animated series
be for adults-only! In their own words, "keep doing what I’m doing". There is no date
or time for the series to air just yet, but just hope that this series will be revived as
1 hell of a show!

Here's a look at what you missed, if your a youngling in diapers:.

PLUS! '10's Unreal Engine 3 Trailer
An engine that is bein' used by most gaming titles, this real time rendering visual,
is actually better than its pre-rendering animation. Can't wait for BioShock 3 to have
this engine!


Kelvin said...

This looks better than the movie!

Samual said...

Its very wonderful.I enjoyed it very much.