Tuesday, 21 December 2010

"I" the B***h Magnet!

Looks like "I" the writer is in yet another girl dilemma, "I" am a con-stern victim
of bein' a bitch/slut-magnet! This "virus" has become a regular pain in me butt.
When "I" am too "freaking" nice, it seems "I" attract certain sluts around me, like
a zombie to living beings. They seem to somehow sniff-out that "I" am too naive
to push them away! Like another normal guy, they would, how do "I" put it in a
"polite" way, SCREW EM' DRY! But! No! Not me homie, "I" console em' in their "soft"
state of mind, be there in their time of need & lend em' shoulder to cry on, not to
mention use me "Benjamin's". So if you look it up in thesaurus, "I" am their best-
girlfriend with a dick!

So, why "I" dont have that special-someone? My job is bein' occupied by "these"
type of gals who some how mange to "steal" my
blood-pumping organ in my animate
being! Before "I" know it, its too late to realize that "I" been cheated! Yeap folks!
That's how naive "I" am!

In this latest episode, she has a "boyfriend" but she thinks "I" have no clue about it,
thus! Keeps flirting with me! Asks me out! Calls me! DAMMN! "I" thought guys were
bad but females! WORST! So "I" ask my 3 different universe of close-friends for a
solution to this problem, they all game me the same answer, Fuck her then leave her!
DAMN! This coming from 2 gals & a guy & "I" gave them all my opinion, "its not nice, "I"
cant do that to her, its just not nice", thus! They said, "just do it!"

"I" am stuck! Do "I" really do as "they" say? Or just let her be & ignore her, if "I" was
another other "normal" guy, "I" would be satisfied right now...but sadly, "I" am not...sigh!!
The story of my life.

PLUS! The Top 10 signs a guy wants to get in your pants
The Japanese "really" do love their surveys huh, here's the ranking of what
Japanese "chicks" might think of tactics to getting in their panty!

1. He keeps touching you up!

2. He pretends not to notice it’s nearly past the time for the last train home

3. He asks to use your bathroom when he sees you home

4. He asks you to cook a meal

5. He asks to spend time together with you on your birthday or on Christmas

6. He keeps saying he’s lonely

7. He asks you not to let on to anyone that you are meeting with him

8. He arranges to meet you late at night

9. He keeps praising your looks

10. He invites you to go on a drive by the coast

11. He is put out if you say “let’s all go together with everyone!”

12. He is strangely kind

13. He says he’ll see you home in a taxi

14. He keeps suggesting you drink more booze

15. He offers to pay for something

16. When you go somewhere to dine he is sure to pick a dark booth

17. When shopping he buys something after you call it “cute”

18. He keeps talking about romantic topics

19. He plans the day out completely
20. He picks Friday to meet up on

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