Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sakae's Children Day

5th December, a date to remember, preparations were made a month ago & staying
back at the office till wee hours of the morning, was all for this day. The "all mighty"
Marketing department had their Sakae Children's Day Grand Launch! & it was grand
indeed, the office staff helped out, the public was hyped for free "freaking" stuff,
got to see Malaysia's celebrities in action & "I" lost at least 5kg with all the running
around. At times like this, how "I" wish "I" was "The Flash".

My "event" story began with me, getting up from bed, wondering & worrying at the
very same time, taking a piss & a bath, "I" pray destruction will not come my way,
today. As "I" drive to IOI mall, "I" plan my day & stuff "I" should be handling today.

At 8.40am, my destination was upon me, unpack my "store-room" car with Sakae stuff.
"I" swear, if you love & idolize Sakae Sushi, you will love the stuff in my car! From a 5
seat car, it transformed into a 1 seat car. MyVi's small size is nothing compared to what
it can hold.

As many of the stuff was in my car, my duty now was to arrange & distribute those thing
to our all so helpful office stuff. All of them were in green & in full-charged for the day.
From packing the "goodie-bags" to moving the chairs, we united as a team & believe me,
when "I" say this, ITS RARE! & all in Green Sakae Shirts!

Opening time was upon us, our CEO & the super-star VIPs was around to arrive, "I" was
running around like a headless chicken! Trying to avoid a confrontation with me manager,
doin' my level best, not to screw the "hell" up!

12pm, we are now officially open for business! The Rumah Keluarga Kami kids were here,
the VIPs was here, all was in tip top condition. Photographers, check! Mascot, check!
All was in good order.

Meet me old pals from RKK home, & to my surprise they still remember me! Just look at how
happy they are to see a "brother in green".

Outside, customers were in line to get their "Facebook" goodie bags as well
as members eagerly wanting their share of the goods. The line was as long as
Mid Valley's cinema queue. The outlet also had their hands "freaking" full with
people whose stomachs are sushi-dry. It was total chaos indeed, me? "I" was
taking the pictures as well as briefing the stuff on what to handle, damn!
was ruin, & my hair was as messy as a rock star! My co-worker
even question me if "I" play the guitar, "I" said, no, "I" am a total nerd!

Sakae's froggie was live & in charge! Photos of "it" was taken every step "it" made.
"It" was a celebrity indeed.

Some kids were like freaking awesomely cute! Like this lil' princess, as "I" was
taking her pic' she was, "to smile? or not to smile?" None-the-less, "I" love kids &
it gave me a sense of satisfaction to see smiles on their faces. Even in chaos mode,
"I" will still stop to give em' a balloon or a crown just to make these tots' happy.

Our MC, 8Tv's very own Baki Zainal, funny as hell! He could be an awesome stand up
comedian if he wanted to. His sentences were funny & he speaks 3 languages, plus! his
favorite word, AWESOME! Our opening act was performed by Ms. Malaysia '08 Soo Wincci,
a "beauty queen turned singer". She was damn tall, it made me look like
Frodo Baggins by
just looking at her. Her body was super slim & made most of the guys howl like a wolf deep
down our "male-oriented" heart.

Next on the list, our beloved co-founder's speech & as he placed a jigsaw to complete
the missing peace of the puzzle, BOOM! The confetti burst! The balloons dropped, thus
chaos was unleashed! This proves that us, humans love balloons, no matter how old you
get, you are bound to whack these rubber objects to the sky.

The balloon filled air cleared, the cheque was presented to RKK. Sakae was
proud to generously donate RM15,000 to the kids home. The kids faces were
all smiles & joy filled their hearts, until!

The camera-taking-men ordered the kids to continue waving to the video-cam
for 15seconds. You can actually see em' thinking "this seem like an eternity!"

Happening were not only on-stage but off stage too. Sakae's green animal seem
to magnetize photo-shot where ever it goes. Even the good ol' white folks.

For getting the cheque, RKK thanked us with a song. Equipped with paper-crowns,
their vocal cords were pretty good & every move they made was in syn. This goes
to show, this isn't their 1st on stage performance, nuff said!

The event went on with a kid pairing up with a VIP, this sushi making workshop was
unique indeed. 3 outta 4 VIP said they liked salmon-sushi & "I" think, the 2 of em' just
followed the 1st person's favorite sushi. Original! Even for VIPs.

DIY sushi was goin' as smooth as eggs & as funny as hell! Baki teased every VIP.
Without him, our event could have been dead! He implanted life into Sakae's event!

More photographers then Anwar's hearing, the crowd was blinded by asses!
Not that its a bad thing but, the crowed couldn't get a proper peek at what
was goin' on, on stage. Besides the ones Sakae officially hired, other predator-
photographers join the party with huge lenses & flashes that might even blind
the sun!

VIPs went bye-bye & children's games was in commence. Spider-Man, Superman &
Froggie was the title of this game, the girl in pink, super "freaking" cute! Knocked
out the 2 Chinese boys within the speed of light. Bein' the rose among the thorns,
she displayed grace & gentleness, unlike her male-counterparts.

Thus! The show ended. What's next? Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! The Sakae's
"green" team sure love em' some photo-taking. With 6 photographers at hand,
cute & korky posses was given to the utmost professionalism!

So, this event thought me, if your 1 of the people in-charge, you will have to run
around a lot! At the end of the day, it was fun. My nights of staying back late, my
emo'ness of getting up in the morning, kinda payed off. "I" just hope this doesn't
become part of our routine, if it does, "I" will hang myself with my mouse!

Batman's on-screen style

Through the years, our beloved dark knight has gone through some weird &
awesome fashion sense. He has evolve from cloth to armor, from blue to black
& not to mention from having a belly transform to abs!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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