Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas @ Home

A time of giving has passed, Christmas was a lifetime of waiting & erupted with a speedy
breeze. My mum is a decoration "freak", she decorated the crib as if it was a shopping
center. The hype of Christmas got to my mum ever since "I" was a little squirt, she would
do the best as she can to make our home look as Christmas'sy as possible. Along the way,
"I" was "forced" to played the role of mummy's lil' helper. Helping her to put sparkling shiny
orbs of joy, arranging the ribbons on our kitchen door, it somehow brings a joy that "I"
couldn't imagined. When all was done, our sweat would drip, we would just lay back &
admire the atmosphere of our "dressed-up" home.

Only the 1st part of our long family tradition, the next on the list was shopping! This was
a BIG no for me. In a not to distance past, whenever "I" went shopping with my mum, she
would take hours just choosing gifts. It would drive me through the roof! As the years went
by, our family evolved! Instead of giving out present, which "some" still do, we would
give out "ang-pows". Yeap folks! Our family has unified both cultures into 1 event! Why
you ask? Well, since some gifts are not "liked" by the receiver, it would just be easier to
give em' money, that way, they can get what ever they like! It a stroke of genius! But
occasionally, "I" do receive some t-shirts or an ornament. The cutest gift "I" got this year
was from my friend's 10 year old sis. She gave me a cup with my name "marker'ed" on it :)
That's so
"freaking" sweet!

The next in line of our usual Christmas business, sustenance! 1 of the most crucial part
of this Christmas season. Since this is the 1st time my cousin is bringing his in-laws, my
mum would bake her special, not to be seen in years, jam-tarts. My cousins jumped for
joy when they heard of my mum's specialty was making a special appearance. Other
relatives also handed us some of their awesome sweet-tooth-food. My uncle's fruit cake
was in a league of its own, "I" could eat it day & night with boredom! With all this joy of
partaking the food of the season, there is also some weight gaining involved. Already
"I" have gained 1.5kg! DAMMIT! Somehow it must be lost! No matter the cost!

When the above recipes come together, the best thing of all is the family gathering.
All of us would come together for a good laugh, some "I" never saw for years. The small
ones were all grown up & the grown ups were explaining how they knew me to be tiny.
Cousins would tease each other about the past & aunties would comment about each
another's apparel. The uncles would brag about politics while the children ran as free as
Forest Gump. This moment was the best feeling every Christmas. Too bad time had to
ruin the fun.

The routine question "I" am getting this season is, do you have a girlfriend? What are you
working as? When are you gonna get married? Its getting old & on my nerves!

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