Thursday, 2 December 2010

Rumah Keluarga Kita

Never imagine that, "I" the "shy-boy" writer would get a task such as this. "I" was
instructed to lead a small league of Sakae-staff to a charity home in Kajang. Together
with "News Straights Time" kids, our journey began at the dawn on noon, it was my
1st time to the place of "famous satay". Feeling like a lost lamb, a van driver showed
me the way & to my prevail, "I" didn't loose the way.

As an opening act, "I" introduced these younglings to the world of sushi & a famous
Japanese greeting, "itadakimasu". The kids enjoyed every last drop of rice in their bowl
with smiles as long as Rapunzel's hair. It was also a touching moment, "I" found out
that some of these kids has never tasted Japanese food & being able to serve them,
its a true privilege.

"I" wonder why their so called parents would give them up? These kids were
awesome & was very well behaved. Heard for my colleague, 1 of the kid's parent
was about to be hanged to death without him knowing about it. It just breaks my
the essence of my soul. On the bright side, he is truly blessed, people around him
shower him with love & hope for a brighter future.

After the food is stuck in your stomach, you know what you gotta do next right?
Burn it! It was time for games, games & more games. The game masters came up
with games that shined light to this gloomy rainy day.

Kids being kids, some of me "soft voiced" colleagues had to raise they voice to
another THX level to get their attention. It was fun to watch them shout, knowing
how quiet they are at the office.

Tons of prizes were given to the winners of each game. Looks like the small ones
will have an extra pillow to hug tonight huh.

It struck me like a lightning from Thor, how much younglings love Justin "freaking" Bieber.
When his song was playing, all & "I" mean all the kids were singing his song out loud!
DAMMN! Making a lil' tease, "I" shouted, "Justin Bieber is a girl!" & as loud as they were
singing, they yelled, NO! "I" asked, how do you know? 1 of the girls answered, because
I saw him wear a towel & it didn't cover up his chest. "I" busted out laughing my ass off!

We even had a spontaneous disco dancing competition. Kids these days sure know how
to shake their "booty".

It was truly 1 of those moments in my live that "I" will never ever forget. These kids
made my days to come even brighter! They warmth will always fill my heart with a sense
of hope. So if you think your mum doesn't love you by not getting you that iPhone 4, think
again. These kids are happy just the way they are, worldly materials mean little to them!
Family is their essence & all. "I" the writer wants to thank all you kids at
Rumah Keluarga Kita,
for a great time

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