Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Review

It may sound like an A+ Porno but Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is yet another
"freaking" awesome project animated by Gainax. This anime may look like Power Puff
Girls but believe me when "I" say, these females are not covered with sugar, spice or
anything nice. An anime which has as much of "fuck" words as a drunken trying to get
a cookie out of the cookie jar, this anime is a breath of fresh air! Its an experiment
successfully right!

Forget all those cutesy-cute innocent chicks! These chicks will make another hole in
your a-hole! From heaven above,
the main characters Panty & Stocking are angles set to
take out "Ghost", being which try to take over their beloved city. You can expect 13 crazy
episodes of "loco" styled animations, toilet humor to last you a"freaking"month & all kinds of
bodily fluids flying onto your screen!

Gainax really went all out, from their usual mecha type animation, they made this
into a masterpiece to die for! The broke plenty of stereotypes rules & implemented
some pretty absurdly awesome ideas. Most of the visuals were influence from American
cartoons & movies.

They even took the courage to make parody from different pop culture references,
in each episode. Every 1 of these episodes are packed with a ton of
parody! From,
Transformers, Invader Zim & even Romeo & Juliet was not off their radar, did "I"
mention that they had an awesome soundtrack? No? Well, they do! the soundtrack
for this series is down-right damn good! No squishy cute gal singing, but a techno-
rock sound to make you want to hear more! Brilliant!

This anime is a rare-gem! But its not everybody's glass of ice-tea, for me its a
rather charming & fun to watch! Nuff said!

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