Saturday, 4 April 2009

You won't like me once Im gaming...

It's just so weird that "I" the writer had to make a post out of it,
according to

A woman who had the gumption to tell another passenger on her
train that his mobile phone gaming was a nuisance was viciously

beaten for her trouble, leaving her with a broken jaw, we hear.

The man (21) was apparently engrossed in a game on his mobile 1

morning on his commute to work, when the lady in front of him told

him "You’re being a nuisance!"

He took exception to this, told her to "Shut the hell up!", & then

proceeded to punch her repeatedly in the face, an attack which left
her with a broken jaw.

He was arrested immediately after.

The man says of his crime "When I was warned like that, it just went

straight to my head."
The lady victim was severely injured, but is expected
to make a complete
recovery in a month. It is not clear if his gaming was
proving noisy, but it seems unlikely
he would have been warned for silent
gaming. We also do not hear which
game it was which proved good enough
to provoke such a violent outburst.

He must have been losing. That's why the out burst.

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