Saturday, 25 April 2009

Pets for sale: Runaway schoolgirl for the taking

Homeless schoolgirls desperate for places to stay have taken to
offering their bodies to men in exchange for lodging, and specialist
sites overflow with plaintive pleas for a temporary home: Please
someone help me!
I’ve only got ¥200!”,
“Could someone put me up
for a week, please?”, “I’m prepared for it…”

There are numerous sites offering a place for such girls, and the men
who would keep them, to meet. The men are known as 泊め男 / to-o,
and naturally expect something in return for putting the girls up.

The girls who frequent such boards cooperate by sharing information
on just which men are suitable keepers. Generally stays are short,
lasting a few weeks to a month, after which the girl finds a new
Not all such encounters go well. One girl was ordered to work
for her rent after moving in, and was forced to work as a tout. With her
next keeper she met an even worse fate, being imprisoned for over a
month whilst being the victim of violence from numerous men.

When she tried to escape, she was spitefully punished by the man, who
carved up her arms and legs with a knife, scarring her permanently. “I
can’t wear a swimsuit anymore,”
she laments, but is still resolute in
refusing to return to her family.

Each year some 5,000 children run away from home, though it is not
clear how many do so under these circumstances, or what the true
figure is.

Authorities compare the sites to the
recently restricted schoolgirl
dating site, saying they offer similar opportunities for young girls with
loose morals and men with lolicon proclivities to mix, although runaway
pickup sites fall outside of the legal scope of those sites.

Via Yomiuri.

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