Monday, 6 April 2009

Dragon Ball: Evolution INTERVIEWS!

Just look at how these actors talk their way out of it,
it's just so disgustingly good...

Bonus Feature
Justin Chatwin (Son Goku) told MTV that a sequel to the film
has already been written.
"I know they've written a second one and it's pretty far out there,"
actor Justin Chatwin
told MTV News. Chatwin plays Goku, the hero of
the tale, who seeks to recover the powerful "Dragonballs" and protect the
world from the evil Lord Piccolo, played by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
alum James Marsters.

"The second one really goes to some different places that I've never seen
in any comic book adaptation," said Chatwin.

Chatwin admits that he hasn't read the sequel script firsthand, but that
he's been told a lot about it and that he and co-star Emmy Rossum
(Bulma) would jump at the chance to return for more.

Will it just jump straight to the Freeza saga? They have 4 more "Z" sagas
to go. All together 5 movies, will they be able to make it? "I" the writer
wonders how will the "Super Saiyan-jin" form look like...

Plus : Dragon Ball : Kai is up for download! Yahooooooo!! Yattaaaaaa!!!


Chirag said...

Waiting for the release of this movie.
Its expected to release on 17th May in India.

"I" the writer said...

WOW thats quiet far away...hope you enjoy it dude!