Saturday, 18 April 2009

Final Fantasy XIII demo flood!

They have flooded the net with FF 13 demos! Damn! Now "I" the writer
can't wait to play this game...& as for FF13 Verses...yet another cut
scene but it gets better folks, this cut scene shows "dumb" characters.
"I" the writer really means it! They speak but no words are heard, just
subtitles in Japanese. Curses! How about some gameplay folks!

Box battle

Behemoth boss

Final Fantasy Agito XIII - It's on the PSP! Yeah!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

Wanna See?

Japan sure loves small kids...

Batman has Robin, I have Mr. Little to brighten my way...

Oh my god! I shot a bird!

F++K! Sora's so cute!

"I shall show you dis-pear!"

Even show girls can be short?

quote of the day!
Brilliant deduction there, Pooh boy.
-Piglet's Big Movie- Tigger

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