Tuesday, 28 April 2009

What does KOF XII, J. Scott Campbell & 9 have in common?

Yes! You hit the jackpot! All of them are on my post for today!
Feast your eyes dear readers, "I" the writer has been worn out & tired
from this new project that "I" the writer has to complete. It's draining
my life source from my "6 pax" abs of mine. "I" the writer will never fail
to update my Ulti-Verse just to keep you entertain!

King of Fighters XII - Terry's combo
Look at the graphics, look at the combo! It's freaking sweet!

J. Scott Campbell's Escape from Wonderland cover
That’s right, Danger Girl artist and Amazing Spider-Man cover artist
J. Scott Campbell, now working on a cover for Zenescope’s new series
Escape from Wonderland.

The series follows the journey of Alice Liddle, who fell into a rabbit
hole & spent years both building a life & fighting for it in the magical
realm of Wonderland.

9 MTV sneak peak
Great voice action & the action is...DAMN! Only down side is, this film
out in another 5 months.

- coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
There are no weaknesses, because everyone is their own person,
Let's give praise to one another,
Amazing, amazing, you're so wonderful,

-All For One & One For All!- Hello! Project All-Stars

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