Monday, 6 April 2009

Transformers 2 Previews

YO! "I" the writer bring you more news on the world of robots,
Paramount has just released their Summer Preview for '09, it
includes an update on Transformers 2! Not a whole lot of new
information, but we do get a look at the list of robots starring on
the film as well as the real stars & more details.

It seems Megarton/Galvatron is not in the cast. Maybe in part 3
"I" the writer guesses...

Plus : Who will Mr.Bay kill? Spoiler Notice!
Michael Bay has relieved to MTV that he will kill of Arcee just
cause he doesn't like her.

"You know what? I didn't like Arcee," the filmmaker told MTV.
"So I kill her later, all right?"

In fact, he hated the character so much, that he didn't even
bother wasting time on making it emotional.

"This is just 'get it out and get it over with'" kind of death, Mr.
Bay tells MTV.

According to Mr. Bay, the death of the character is quite sudden
& it "isn't sad." MTV recounts him grinning as he discusses the
death of the pink motorcylce.

Mr. Bay also jokes that she should have given a better performance
& that to the fans of the female Transformer, "it is sad. I'm sorry."

Marvel Updates
2009…meets 2099? Future history has been shattered by
events in the present!
"I" the writer is sooo getting this!

1st Dark Avenger now Dark X-Men? what next? Dark
Fantastic 4? or Dark Exiles?

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
I need you to help me die.
-Smallville Season 8 - Davis Bloome

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