Thursday, 15 January 2009

Revenge Of The Fallen Plot (Spoilers!)

Warning! Spoilers!
You have been warned so says "I" the writer!

Roberto Orci has confirmed two persistent
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
rumors that has been floating around on the Internet.
What's the rumor?
You may ask?

- The film opens with the US Military teaming up with the Autobots, who
are the military vehicles, to hunt down rogue Decepticons. Springer is one
of them, and this is the part in China.

-Wheels/Wheelie is a blue remote control car and very small Transformer.
He discovers Jetfire at the museum by driving underneath him and seeing
the Decepticon symbol.

-There's a seen where Alice pins Sam to the bed, and a tail with a hypodermic
on it cones out of her back. She also has a giant tongue, apparently. Should
keep the Kiss play fans happy!

-The twins are improtant (sic) characters who fight each other a lot and can

-Devastator looks like a gorilla, and has the cement mixer drum in the centre
of his chest, which he can use as a weapon.

-Possibly Superion as an autobot combiner, but he was a little vague on this.

- Megatron hasn't been in any of the film licensing stuff, just the toys.

- He saw a Decepticon Hot Rod model, but he's convinced that was part
of the [misinformation] campaign.
To confirm the rumor, IGN has interviewed Mr.Orci. Here's what he has to say.

    IGN: Last time we spoke, you revealed that Soundwave was in
    the movie and hinted at the possibility of Ravage, so I'm wondering
    if you can say anything more about what new characters will be in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

    Orci: So I said Ravage... maybe?

    IGN: Pretty much, yeah.

    Orci: [As if giving a big reveal] Ravage!

    IGN: [Laughs] Damn, I should have told you that you said Ravage
    for sure!

He goes on to say that Transformers 2 will show more emotion, so be ready
with some tissues in your pocket & extras for the ones you love.

Some of the new Transformers coming up, even the old Transformers that
we had, have benefited from the fact that -- I actually heard this from ILM --
because they had all the rendering and the stuff from the first movie, they were
able to get much more specific and articulate with their range of motion and
emotions in the second movie, which has a bigger budget and it has all that
research and development sunk into the original models. So there's going to
be more articulation of the characters facially, so I'm looking forward to seeing
that. I have not seen how far they've taken it.
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