Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Big A$$ Robots 2!

1 of the movies that "I" the writer has been waiting for is Revenge Of The Fallen.
The 1st movie was a huge success, even "I" the writer watched it 5 time in the
cinema & even bought the original limited edition DVD (1st ever original DVD by the
. Just seeing your childhood dream come to past, it's just 1 of those
orgasmic moments.

It's '09 & it's back with a bang! we were promised more robots so "I" the writer
keep your word for it Mic Bay & "I" the writer hopes that the camera angles
won't be so blur during the fighting scenes with close-up of the A.I a$. "I" the writer
know most of you will want to see Megan Fox again, but for me ehhhh, "I" the writer
know she is beautiful and has a hot, smoking, heavenly, lushes, perfect, perfectly
sculptured body but "I" the writer would rather see some huge machines fighting it
out to the death. The storyline of the "Fallen" is already giving chills down my spine.

Like in '07, Transformers figure were selling like hot cakes. If you didn't get your hands
on them the 1st week, the prices will sour up like sea water! "I" the writer had a
hard time getting all the Autobots, anything more will just be suicide! Hope this time
around "I" the writer will just be ready to buy it all at 1 go. Here are some figures &
the relieving of new A.I machines.

New & improved Bumblebee. They aren't lazy to give its body a metallic look this
time but the head shouts! Shocker!
& been modified to reflect the production
2010 Chevrolet Camaro
. Will he have a British sounding voice in T2?

Introducing scout class Ransack figure. NEXT!

Next we have, Depthcharge scout class action figure. Finally, we get new
images of the fully painted toy that are well done and clearly show this boat/
gunship figure looks much more detailed

Skywarp & Ramjet Robot Modes. Will they be in the movie? of is this 1 of
Hasbro's get rich scheme?

Deluxe Sideswipe EXPOSED!
Finally a figure worth mentioning. Can't
wait to see it on the huge screen. The car looks as sweet as Ms.Fox

Street Fighter 4

Goken VS. Gouki
with an amazing ring to it.


quote of the day!
They're dead. All they have are their looks.
-My Girl- Shelly

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