Friday, 23 January 2009


Osborn's new Avengers premiers!

Introducing: Iron Patriot, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, Ares, Sentry,
Spider-Man, Captain Marvel & Hawkeye

Me, Superman can see with eyes closed.

Saber Lily, "I" the writer is sooo getting you. No matter the cost!

Me Sups' break steel!

We are kids, we just want to try...

Tenge Toppa, Konata!

We're in college, we just want to experiment....

Go Obama!

"I" will break through the USB dimension!

Captain's log : Plastic, the final frontier...

Let me show you my star...

quote of the day!
Vagina dentata! It's what inside's me. The doctor said so.
A hero has to come and conquer them!

-Teeth- Dawn

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