Tuesday, 6 January 2009

IMAGI Animation Studio does TETSUJIN 28!

Good Morning Ulti-Fans! Yet another update from ye all so friendly neighborhood
Felix ip, Creative Director of Imagi Animation Studios, he is working on
Astro Boy the animated CG movie now & did other animations like
TMNT & the soon
to be released Gatchaman relieves on his blog a new work in progress, TETSUJIN 28!

"I" the writer know that some of you must think (What in the Blue Hell is TETSUJIN 28!)
Let me explain...Tetsuj...Look it up on

Felix mentions: "Before I was fully occupied by Astro boy movie, I (had) been spending
couple months with the Creative and Development team to develop a "Teaser" of most
classic iconic giant robot, "Tetsujin 28" (Iron Man 28 / Gigantor), which is created by
Mitsuteru Yokoyam , in 60's. I am glad that we (had) a chance to make a CG animation
test on that. I like giant robot and i really want to make a robot movie after we created
Zentrix. We are going to share with public by put it on a website soon ..."

GO Felix! Can't wait for this revival of an old robot series to arise.

T2 : Revenge of the Fallen : Leader Class Prime Figure.
Can't wait to get my hand on this baby. More details & not that bulky
compared to the 1st


The New Season of Wolverine & the X-Men starts on January 30th

quote of the day!
I do want to take guitar lessons. I do want to learn how to fly.
Yes, I would like to learn Korean.

-Yes Man- Carl Allen

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