Thursday, 1 January 2009

Dawn Of A Brand New Day

Woop-pe-Dooo! It's '09! Another New Year has come, a year filled with dreams &
hopes? A year filled with visions that will came to past? Who knows what '09 has
planed for us homesepiens. But "I" the writer knows that a wind of change will
sweep us off our feet.

"I" the writer knows and without a shadow of a doubt, "I" the writer will have change
in my little life of mine. New responsibility, new play-thing & will try to slim down more.
This are my New Year's so called
Resolutions that "I" the writer will follow.

With age slowly crawling up my back bone. "I" the writer will have to get things in
perspective in my aging life-line. Getting old is never fun....unless your with a new
HDTV & a PS3!

Here are a few small updates. Happy New Year Ulti-Fans!

Street Fighter : Legend of Chun Lee

The strangest movie!

quote of the day!
I know what I'm gonna do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year,
and the year after that.

-It's a Wonderful Life- George Bailey

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