Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Choice!

Ok so "I" am a lecturer, & my job is to teach & inspire student to be all they can be,
pushing their limits! But what if they then graduate? They will have to find a job,
right? 1 way or the other they will have to pay the bills, right? But! What if they
go "out there" & see this!

Name of Company: XXXXX
Role: Graphic Designer (Desktop Publishing)
Remuneration: RM 800.00 - RM 1,300.00 (may increase based on experience)
Requirements: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Creative (More than one year working experience)
Contact Person: 755 2525
Interested candidates may send their resume / cv and portfolios to the email below: (Please put in the email title as 'resume (graphic designer)
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Then skip & see this!

Name of Company: XXXX
Role: Admin Assistant
Remuneration: RM 1500 - 2000 (based on experience)
~Preferably Chinese female
~Minimum SPM level
~Fresh grads are encouraged to apply
~Has basic knowledge in Microsoft Words & Excel
~Assist in administrative function such as filing, general data entry work
and daily operation work

Contact Person: Email your resume to

So, which will a fresh grad choose? If its a girl, then she should be fine with bein'
an admin, cause eventually if she would work her "ass" off, she would be admin
manager in no time. As for the guy, he would have to look for other options, get
rejected, & eventually go for the "graphic designer" job, & work his way up.

But! DAMN! I thought in "this" moment & time a graphic designer would be paid at
least RM1,800 for starters, but then again, can't say much, its just the way "Malaysia"
employers perceive graphic designer, the title may be glamorous, but the salary sucks!


Kelvin said...

Its hard here too, even one found a dream job, the salary will be peanuts. The boss only knows how to say "there will be career advancements".

"I" the writer said...

All those bosses just know to make money for themselves & give peanuts to the workers only...

ken said...

admin job is pretty generic, once mastered it's ok.. but for graphic designers.. being creative is the key, the pay may be low but with more experience and recognition, they could earn better.. :)

"I" the writer said...

Recognition is the key point :) Experience not so much, unless your willing to be paid cheap