Saturday, 1 October 2011

Point One: Scarlet Spider?

Ok, so here's the story so far, Jackal infected the lucky citizens of New York
spider-like abilities. Feelin' like they got an early Christmas gift, now everyone
starts dressing up as Spider-Man! But not all of em' realize that, with great power
comes great responsibility! So its up to the original Spidey to keep the peace.

But! The real news, the 4th Point One teaser, the return of the web-head's
former clone buddy,
Scarlet Spider, with his signature hoodie & all? It really looks
like it. Is this a tease of Ben Reilly
return? Or has the mantle been passed to a
new recruit? Maybe amongst the

1 thing's for sure, from the mouth of Marvel senior vice president of publishing,
Tom Brevoort, "Point One serves as... the return of fan-demanded characters."

Nostalgic TV- Flashman
Before "I" knew Power Rangers or the Sentai, "I" knew Flashman on TV2!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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