Monday, 12 September 2011

My International Toy Fair Affair

Hey, hey, hey, guess where "I" was on Saturday! At the Malaysia International Toy Fair!
Bein' a toy "slash" figure lover & a toy-oholic, "I" had a "special" invite by a friend to
"look after"
his booth, while he went for another event, & what was my pay for washing
away the hours there? Free space for my figure garage sale! What an uncanny deal,

Yes! Skang! The designer figure modeled by my ex-co-worker! His booth may be
simple but it sure had a lot mix homo"freaking"sapienssapiens coming to it, boys &
girls of all ages! Why? Cause it was mainly a garage sale! We had a wide range of
stuff, from Superman, Gokou & designer toys, it was a showcase of our passion &

He being a designer toy maniac, he included his all so precious Micheal Lau figure!
A rare item indeed, which drew the attention of the people who knew who he was.

They say black is the new sexy & here to prove it, Skang! Uncolored!

The man behind Skang, none other then Black Flyday himself, Kenji Chai.
Not mixed with our beloved figures, his merchandise was displayed on a
separate location, thus! Only promoting himself & the "stuff" he did.

With every International Toy Fair, there must also have pretty hot chicks! To pull
us nerdy guys into their "land", the merchandising people are made outta pure evil,
"I" tell ya! They even had the Finale of Liselle Fashion Music, the girls were "uh-la-la"
& as usual the photographers went wild, its a good thing that they were trained to
smile! & some had on contact-lenses to protect their eyes, from goin' blind! Me, "I"
left my post as soon as "I" heard the "flock" of people cheering their lungs out, just
to get a glimpse of what's goin' on & got a few "lucky" shots of the girls! YAHOO!!!

Back at headquarters, some strangers took their creative'ness to the next level!
With just an empty
Skang, just like a coloring book, some shined like a star in the sky!
They showed effort, standing there for nearly 30 minuets straight! Just for the right
design that must have lingered in their mind.

Not only commercial figures, were featured, some were local "toy makers", & "I"
must say,
their designs were "freaking" awesome! Mongar Toys, Tabun Studio &
Urban-Cr3atures paper were among em', so support your local designers people!
They can do much more then figures, but also t-shirts, silk-screen all by themselves.

As "I" made my rounds, on the other side of the "booth-world", "I" even saw a
person who was bein' drawn as an animated character, but not just any normal
characterture, but a characterture on a t-shirt! DAMMN!

As for the commercial figures, toy-oholics displayed their most prized possessions,
some customized to perfection & some just to show off, what they can do for your
figure on a rainy day.

Transformers went wild! From Generation 1 to Bay's Dark of the Moon, my eyes
when "gaga" over the amount of Transformers that was displayed! The people
from TransMy were an awesome bunch! Bringin' out their "rare" stuff outta hiding
just for the public, & so the public, well some of em', went "cam-whoring" spree
with these robots "not so in disguise".

Back to the girls! Cosplay'ed & show off what they can do with the costumes
they put on!

As "I" came back from "washing my eyes", Kenji was back! & went on to putting
on a live show on what he can do with his marker-pen! It drew quiet a crowd, though
no one else was doin' it at that moment, his live demo, brought on & will make future
artist believe that, they too can be their own toy-designer!

Another famous fellow all the way from Thailand, MAMAFAKA!

When all was done, "I" made my move! Only with 1 goodie bag, & thought,
"aren't they bein' a lil' too stingy on giving goodie bags away, this time around?"
& this goodie bag isnt for me, it's for a "live" violet bunny!

PLUS! SH FiguArts Super Saiyan-Jin 3 Son Gokou
Get out there & try your luck with a lottery number! SH FiguArts is gonna
release yet another Dragon Ball figure, & this is shortly after the announcement
of Super Saiyan-Jin Vegeta, DAMMN!

Just like Vegeta, this will be a Tamashii Web Exclusive! This beauty stands at
14cm tall & comes with interchangeable hands & an effect part.

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