Saturday, 24 September 2011

My 1st lecture!

Yesterday was a "hallmark" in my life! The 1st "freaking" time! "I" the writer
had given a lecture in front of a class! & there were 60 plus of em', a bunch
of young'lings! Just waiting for me to swallow my knowledge! DAMMN!

So, bein' a height of a hobbit, "I" walking down the all so mighty stairs of horror,
their eyes slowly gaze upon my "size", they must be wondering, "Is this dude trying
to impress the lecturer with his formal'ness?". Got up on stage, open up my laptop,
looked around, got hold of the mic & utter my 1st words, "is that all in the class?",
a smart-alec answered, "no sir!, some still on the way!", this being the 1st ever class,
"I" waited!

12.55pm, didn't want to waste time, "I" started! Introduced my name, the subject
& uttered a joke or 2 to keep things from getting too serious. To my surprise, & not
so surprise, there were a few girls that really made their presence known! "I" always
thought that it was the boys that will play it "gangster style", but in this "topsy-tirby"
world & my rotten luck! The girls were the one's that participated in some of my
questions. At times it was quiet, but overall, "I" had some good response! YAHOO!!

Or maybe, they were just bein' playful as they are! But "I" rather am grateful that
there were not like "zombie" during my lecture, when "I" was introducing myself &
my work-life, they seriously listened, but there were still some jokers that was doin'
their own stuff.

This bein' just an intro, "I" hoped "I" made the lecture quiet enjoyable, & "they" my
students said that it was a good lecture. After the class they had the nerve to even
tease me with a kiss gesture, "muah muah!", they said it was from Nasi Lemak the
movie & "I" should go watch it, yeah "I" am still gonna watch it! But dont know
when!! DAMN!

Next week! My 1st tutorial class! The nervousness!


Kelvin said...

Hahaha, so u are a teacher now?

kYd said...

lol...Gud Stuff J..

"I" the writer said...

Yeah "I" am a lecturer now :)

"I" the writer said...

kYd...u are?