Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Artist needs to eat too!

This image suddenly popped up on my facebook page, & "I" must say, it sure
has its own dept to it. Its true that people treat artist like some "easy-job"
person, & by artist "I" don't mean those celebrities who eat gold for breakfast &
poop diamonds after dinner. Artist are the creators, the innovators of the creative
industry, they bring life to a piece of paper, color to brick wall & write life changing
poems for lifeless individuals.

Just cause a designer's job may look like even a kindergarten kid can do it
with color pencil, it doesn't mean that you should pay him anything less of a
penny. It takes skill & tons of imagination & brain power to come up with a
logo or brand that will make your company stand out from the rest.

So please! Just cause anyone can draw or think they are creative writers or
even download Adobe Illustrator from a torrent site, they position themselves
as a designer, no "your" not! Its like a norm person doin' his yearly texts, does
that mean they can be an accountant?

Why treat artist any different? Pay us for what we are worth & not cause we
are just the operating tools to enhance your horrible designs! Nuff' Said!


Kelvin said...

Yes, agree with the last sentence!!!

"I" the writer said...

But its true right?