Sunday, 18 July 2010

My Sakae Sushi Life!

Ah! What a damn hectic week it was been for yours truly. Nights of late rest &
mornings of early rises. My life inside the belly of the jolly green frog never ceases
to amaze me, getting more involve in the marketing line, has made a "kinda" more
open person. "I" was exposed to an endless sea of numbers ~cough which "I" hate
cough~, introduced to the true meaning of terms & conditions, strategy plays a huge
role in any event & the most surprising thing "I" learned was, "scratch & win" if done
in a wrong way was illegal!

Sitting in a meeting for the whole freaking day, it opened my eyes on how hard it
was to satisfy a customer. Most of the time, my mouth was shut, well unless they
ask me suggestions on how to attract peeps with a design. This meeting was clouded
with mostly Chinese words floating around without subtitles, thus it was kinda hard for
me to catch their conclusion, but! Like the 13th Warrior, "I" am getting the hang of their
language. So hats off to that!

Getting to learn another language is truly fun! Now "I" can catch lil phrases, even though
they talk smack behind my back. Like my so called co-worker who did an "elegant" bitching-
speech on my design methods in front of the whole freaking department. "I" know "I" have
some flaws but don't talk trash behind my back when "I" am a few tables away. If you truly
have a problem with me, confront me. Tell me what "I" did wrong & "I" will try to improve

That moment was like a waiter serving you a plate of fried rice, he spat on it before he
served it, you wouldn't know right? But! This felt like the waiter who served you that
plate & spits on it in front of your face. "I" am genuinely a pretty nice person, but! This
"kicks the bucket", "I" have never hated someone so freaking much that my heart burns
with flames of anger! Even at home, having my bath, the water that streams down my
body seems to evaporate just thinking of that incident (Take a deep breath in, breath
out, continue writing)

Focus Group, a title of my "night entertainment" during my after work hours. A research
company hired by my manager would take in candidates & ask them a series of questions
on what they thought of Sakae Sushi & other sushi companies. It was like an interrogation
room. You could not see me but "I" could see you. Just for fun, "I" even did a lil' tiny dance
in front of people opposite the mirror.

The group above was Chinese, ages between 20-29. It was quiet surprising that
most of them are quiet. The moment the "question-asking-person" would leave the
room, they would all take out their mobile. No mingling around or talking to one
another. For your info, the reason "I" labeled 1 angel & demon is, the girl in white
would give positive suggestions on how Sakae Sushi could improve, despite Sakae's
flaws & she talked softly & always had a smile on her face.

The demon, she banned Sakae! It was a major NO! For her. She was a typical dumb
blond. Going on & on on how she disliked Sakae Sushi. This age group preferred Zamai.
They said that Zamai had more class & the environment was cozy & did not hesitate
to pay more for a good meal.

This group was way better, the age range was 20-40 Malay group. They were a
fun bunch. Most were Sakae lovers but the Sakae not having a halal cert was a
kinda issue for them. Non the less, this group was cheerful & being total strangers,
they seemed like pals for years! It was a total joy watching them give ideas & laugh
at their random jokes.

Yup folks, even on a Saturday "I" the writer had to work. It was the Bon Odori event
at Shah Alam. The place was jam packed with people & our business was good!

See how the good folks line up for our good sushi. If you were at the event, & if you
heard a guy yelling out names of sushi & random quotes like "enjoy the drumming sounds
with Sakae Sushi" it was me. "I" really enjoyed it! Especially the chicks who wore green,
"I" would yell "wear green, eat green only at Sakae Sushi". Yeah, yeah "I" know, "I" was
trying to be cheeky :)

See how our fans promote us, thank you guys! Ahem! "I" mean girls!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!


LeneLene said...

Thx for dropping by my blog ^^
out of all the anime model, the doggies arranged into something like "poo" attracts me the most.

"I" the writer said...

No problem, "I" am guessing that you like cute shaped stuff huh :)