Monday, 26 July 2010

My house, the museum

Had a Port-Luck-Farewell for my 2 colleagues, this is the 1st time "I" have ever open
my crib or even compound to such an event. Since my place was kinda near to Sakae's
HQ, my smart manager thought of having the final-final farewell at the pool side. "I" being
a gentle soul agreed.

Managers cooked, co workers in shorts & drinkin' beer was the best! The table was so
freaking packed with food that, a 2nd table had to be placed. Home made cupcakes,
pumpkin pie & love shaped jellies was among the best! It was truly a tea time made for
the Mad Hatter!

But then! The other alternative for doin' it at my place was, my room. Bein' the only
freak/nerd/fan-boy in the office, my peeps wanted to see how much of a freak "I" was.

All came up-stairs, gave the accuse of wanting to wash the dishes, even my pregnant
manager wanted to see my obsession. Had a chat with me mummy-dearest & it was off
to my room. 1st expression was, WHA!! WHOA!! 2nd form of action was "click" "click"
the camwhoaring of my room began.

In a way, "I" the "otaku" writer felt a sense satisfaction. Seeing their faces all covered up
with smiles & amazement, "I" was happy to see that my figures brought them happiness. It
was a museum of smiles.

Chinese girls, being Chinese girls, pictures of them had to be taken.

Some angles were awesome & kinda look like it was a almost alive.

Yes! My manager said that now she know why "I" dont have a girlfriend.

Just look at her smiling face :)

Even my mum's angel collection was at the mercy of those picture-taking-camera addicts.

PLUS! Games of the Future!

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 2011! Common!

Amaterasu vs Thor Gameplay

Spider-Man: Dimensions - Four Dimensions Un-Masked

Street Fighter x Tekken
Comic-Con relieved that Takken challengers the masters of the Street.

Another World ( Ni no Kuni )
A PS3 RPG game formed by the visual masters of Studio Ghibli & Level-5.

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

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