Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Japan's top 10 Seeds of Jealousy

If you plant seeds, they will grow right? Sometimes those seeds grow into
something unexpectedly bad or into goal mind of fruits. So here's is yet another
survey from the X-invaders of Malaysia. A list of jealousy seeds that would drive
a person to to murder!

Both Japanese men & women were asked to rank what makes them "freaking"
jealous of their friends offer up an unsurprisingly materialistic list, with some
significant differences between the sexes.

For jealous women:

1. A wide circle of friends

2. Lucky

3. Nice body

4. High income

5. Rich family

6. Cool or cute
7. Nice skin
8. Gift of gab
9. Lovely spouse
10. Popularity

Bein' a survey, it was too nasty to say "big boobs",

so in a more gentle & polite way "nice body" may refer to that statement
or it may even sum up the whole female autonomy.

For jealous men:
1. High income

2. Luck

3. Popularity

4. Gift of gab

5. Rich family

6. Good at work

7. A wide circle of friends

8. Clever

9. Lovely spouse

10. Cool or cute

Notice that both sexes have kinda, similar sentiments. It would seem that the
number 1 spot in both rankings is money & friendships. Looks like it works both
ways, more money, more "friends" would want to hang out with you, correct me
if "I" am "freaking" wrong.

PLUS! The EVA01 Cycle
Looks like even Suzuka has Evangelion fever.

Watching, riders transforms & watching an urban headless rider on the street,
has made me "feel" the sensation of riding a bike myself.


ken said...

people get jealous.. that's normal =)

Kelvin said...

U are damn right!

"I" the writer said...

Ken:. Its as normal as the rising sun dude

Kel:. Hell Yeah!