Saturday, 31 July 2010

Facebook Downloaded!

Now this is a true horror! It would seem that "untamed" hacker Ron Bowes of Skull
Security, has created a 2.8 gig torrent containing more then 100 million individual
Facebook profiles.

This program allows him to obtain the user's account names, & thus, unmask every
detail such as addresses, dates of birth or even phone numbers.

There is nothing illegal about doing this but! What Ron has done is made every user's
profile public & it may eventually lead to a murderous stalker or even worst!

So, you peeps out there, do not upload any of your personal info that may track you
down, "camwhoring" pictures with indecent exposure or even adding a person which
you may not know.

As for yours truely, this social site is used to track down my old school pals, my friends &
college mates which "I" haven't meet in years! "I" do not simply message girls to get a date
or do "I" post a swarm of "join this group" post. But! What "I" love doin' is, checkin' out
me buddies post for awesome videos, Nuff Said!

PLUS! 25 Things I Hate About Facebook
So "freaking" true!


Kelvin said...

Lets ban facebook!!!

Vicky 刘宁 said...

noooooOOO... please don ban facebook T.T else I hav no where to go liao... and I've deleted my friendster accoutn ady T.T

"I" the writer said...

Kel:. HAHAHAHA! You hate it that much uh?

Vicky:. Awww you a FB addict?