Friday, 2 July 2010

Females:. “We can tell when you’re looking at our Boobs!”

Can it be true? Does it have like a "radar" or something? Yes! Fellow readers,
this survey comes from the "Land of the Ultimate cute chicks", females in Japan
has revealed that they are "freaking" confident of their so-called mutant-ability
to detect even the slyest of male glances at their breasts.
This is freaking, freaky!
Does the boob send a message up to the brain? "Guy, 12'o clock, checking us out"

Thus, 847 Japanese women were questioned "can you spot it when men glance at you?"
& 58.3% answered that YES! & 41.7% said they are unable to detect such
attention, ~cough small boobs cough~

Here are some sample responses:.

M-Men are looking at me like that!?

I can completely tell the direction of their gaze.

"Ah! You were checking it out"
– I pick up on this.

I really pick up on those creepy glances.

I’m not sure I spot it all, but I often see it.

There are a lot of guys who try to glance but end up looking with their whole face.
I notice it a lot when sat on the train. It’s really obvious.
If they’re not totally ogling you it’s quite charming.
My guard’s up though.

I’m quite nervous so I notice it quickly when they do that.

I like clothing which shows off my cleavage so I don’t care.

My chest is nothing to speak of so I don’t get much attention.

I always pick up on it when the men I’m with are checking out other girls.

I’m actually the one checking out men’s nether regions – I wonder if they notice?

Agnes from Despicable Me, my new obsession!

A friend shared this on Facebok & now "I" am hooked on it! She's so cute
"I" am gonna die!!

& fellow imitates:.

YES! Its does count as annoying bub'

Time to kick back at the office, takes things slow & take a "wiz" break...


Thristhan said...

Well, I'll admit that I do stare too. I just can't help it, some gorgeous babes out there just have a set of fantastic hooters. By the way, TGIF :)

"I" the writer said...

HAHHAHAHA! Dude! Your too honest ;)

Kelvin said...

Boobs are for men to look!!!

"I" the writer said...

Big juicy ones eh? hahahaaha