Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Toy Geek!

n Toys, Toys, Toys! Ever since "I" the writer knew "gunblade99" he has been all over
them like a pig over garbage. This week, our little friend got his so called big salary &
guess what he did? BINGO! went out, got some freaking figures for his all so favorite shop.
His eyes were glowing in excitement as he gaze at the figures he been dreading to get all
this time. The drool slipped out of his mouth, his hands he vibrating and his legs tremble as
there was an earthquake in his mist.

"The Geek" grabbed these toys like a kid garbed candy from the candy jar. He got so "high"
that he forgot to look at the price (What an IDIOT!, he should be 1 of the main character in
Dumb & Dumber & Dumber'er) It reached 5XX! F++K! "I" the writer could buy better stuff
then these "toys".

Guess every person has their own ways or passion to waste their salary. If it was a girl, she
would blow it all of on shoes, dress or purse right. Well at least he has some hobby rather then
Q : what's your hobby?
A : Sleeping....

Me? what's my hobby? Well of course it's....emmm...ehhh...Dammit! "I" the writer doesn't
have a hobby! DAMN THE WORLD! I better do some soul searching. Updates as usual....

X-Men Origins : Wolverine
The Cajun Relieved!
To bad the cards or the eyes are not glowing.

Astro Boy Teaser


quote of the day -
You sit on a throne of lies!
-Elf- Buddy

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