Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry "late" Christmas

Merry Christmas dear Ulti-Fans! "I" the writer am sorry for the late wish,
but "I" the writer know you people are also to busy with your holiday visitation
and time with loved ones, so you Ulti-Fans also have no time to open my WWW.
"I" he writer had a not so "happening" Christmas this year. Just at home with my
family. Sitting around the dinning table, talking about days of the past, present
and what '09 holds for us. The look of joy on the younglings as the open up their
presents. The smiles of each family member when making jokes about days of
yester-year. "I" the writer sits at the sideline of all this commotion, observers as
only once a year, "We" the family get to have this happy moment together.

It's the 26th! so Happy Boxing Day! Here are the updates for the day.

Who is the Iron Patriot? Who are the Dark Avengers?

p/s : "I" the writer wants this cover comic book guy.

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen
Shows a robot hidden behind an ancient painted wall, "Indiana Jones style."
Could this be a depiction of the often-rumored The Fallen?


quote of the day!
Life is full of interruptions and complications.
-Love Actually- Karl

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