Monday, 15 December 2008

The Dark & The Light hour

gunblade99 is a "Anime" figure freak.
Jeremy is a "Comic" maniac.

Here is the story of their "hobby" adventure

Was happy that he got the figure box that he wanted after not buying figures
due to his so called "saving", but his sunshine is about to be darken by a huge
black cloud. Here is what "I" the writer mean...

Spot the difference?

Got it? The freaking child labor's in China is not doing their work he says!
This is the 1st time "I" the writer have heard gunblade99 swear & f++king pissed.

This is how passionate he is with his beloved figures.

Went to the comic store with his "comic book guy" & an "orange carrot". Finally he
got to collect his comics after a long time of absence just cause his comic book guy
has financial problems. End of the year says his comic book guy. As they walked in,
the comic book aunty yelled.
Comic Book Guy! "Whaaa so long no see you in here
The comic book guy being humble and nice told the aunty "Yala aunty, bad times,
what to do"
As the comic book aunty continued to explain to him about calling & informing
them if he can take the comics or not. The orange carrot was giving the comic book
guy a smirk. In his head, he might be thinking "Servers you right for auguring with
me! Muahahahhaha!

After collecting Jeremy's 3 months worth of comics, the "puny punk" spotted a spot light.
It was Michel Turner's Uncanny X-Men 500 cover! He grabbed it & since the comic

book guy owe him that cover which the "tiny boy" paid for a long time ago, the "hobbit"
didn't have
to pay anything for it. Which made him smile from 1 ocean of his face to the
In simple English terms, it made his day.

"I" the writer
What do "I" the writer get from all of this? LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!
& self amusement.
These 2 nerds/geeks never amaze to brighten my
day with their geekieness
. Here are today's updates folks. It's all about
the "GAME"

Final Fantasy 13 - New Cut Scenes

Final Fantasy Versus 13 - New Characters Relieved

The 3rd Birthday
Aya is back Yeah! the star of the Parasite Eve series of games, in a concept drawing
for the latest game in the franchise
. Upcoming PSP exclusive! Now "I" the writer
is has a reason to keep my PSP

quote of the day -
Barbara Walters, Oprah, your wife. You gotta fuck one, kill one, and marry one, go!

-Step Brothers- Dale Doback

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