Monday, 8 December 2008

"I" the writer's Updates!

It's a long weekend & "I" the writer had! to get sick. Dammit! Well at least my legs are tied
down to do some "homely" stuff. "I" the writer watched movies which "I" the writer had not
being seeing due to my all so hectic lifestyle and a jam packed daily schedule. Just in bed &
having a movie marathon would sound lame for some of the long legs who never stay home
but it's way better then "I" the writer would have expected. Even though "I" the writer is sick
as a dog but my WWW is always updated so here it is folks!

What If? Captain America: Fallen Son
"What if Iron Man had died instead of Captain America?"

Friday the 13th Poster

Transformers Animated S3
Here is some of the up coming characters from
Derrick J. Wyatt, Wheeljack & Perceptor.


quote of the day -
[chuckling] Ho, ho, but no matter. Christmas was on its way. Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas, upon which the entire kid year revolved.
-A Christmas Story- Ralphie as Adult

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