Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Transformers Animated Season 3 Characters

Yo! People of the world wide web. How are you guys/girls in cyberspace today? Bored of
the web huh? Well "I" the writer can understand how you guys/girls feel but "I" the writer
bring updates from my web crib. "I" the writer don't know if this is your "bowl of sup" or your
"plate of chicken rice" but who cares right? Blogs are suppose to be personal and from the
heart, that's what "I" the writer am doing. All written from the bottom from my shallow soul.
Today is all about those "robots in hiding", all about the Transformers animated series. Here
are some new characters that will pop up in the up coming season so get ready for a blow out!

Finally! Hot Rod, or should "I" the writer say Rodimus Prime or Hot Rodimus?

Blackout almost the same as in the movie...

Awwww, it looks so ugly!

Me Strika, Smash!

2 face? or should "I" the writer say Jetfire and Jetstorm. The twins.

Figure Update!

quote of the day -
Sometimes even the wisest of man or machine can make an error.
-Transformers G1- Optimus Prime

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