Friday, 31 October 2008

Marvel Spotlight

gunblade99 just cant stop bickering about the wonders of the 8th wonder in his
"magical world"
world called Marvel Comics. He spends loads of cash on these
comics & not enough time with the girls. He is explaining to me about these different
Universes & Summer events. OH gosh! If he gets me hooked on these stuff which
he calls "investments", "I" the writer will kill him & steal all his comics, use it as toilet
paper then burn them to dusk! Well enough of that, here are some Marvel updates.
Damn You gunblade99!!

Hulk VS Thor (animation)

War Machine concepts
Please be in Iron Man 2....

Who the heck is Iron Patriot?
Geek Alert!

quote of the day -
This is the 80's, I don't know what a good cause is anymore.
-The Incredible Hulk Returns- Donald Blake

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