Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Movies Of the Future!

Good evening children! Guess who's favorite uncle is back? "I" the writer will bring the
inside scoop on what's hiding in Hollywood land. The land where "stars" make babies just
cause its the latest happening but it's all not that bad. We "the world" do look at them for entertainment a
nd self pleasure. So lets just keep it that way. Enough talk! here are the
night's update....didn't "I" the writer just update the "spot" in the morning?

Who Watches The Watchman?

UnderWorld 3
Why oh Lord of the Damned!, did you change the lead actress!?

Friday the 13th (Remake)
Oh My god! Jason can run?

Transformers 2
Soundwave and Ravage? or is this Bay's way of playing a trick on the public?

quote of the day -
It went straight for the warhead, and they think it's cute!
-THE ABYSS- Lt. Coffey

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